Submitted by Francisco Oliveira

Photo submitted by Francisco Oliveira


“Projecto de Sustentabilidade Energética Móvel” (PSEM)(Mobile Energy Sustainability Project) is a group of students from Técnico Lisboa composed by students that share the common passion for engineering. Our objective is to design and build highly efficient electric vehicles. The team is frequently confronted with various issues, solving them with bold ideas and teamwork, applying the academic knowledge provided by the University and applying the most recent technologies. This promotes an environment of cooperation, technical and human development between everyone involved, be them students, professors or sponsors.

|Photographer: Jamie Sheldrick| Event: International Final| Circuit: Rockingham| Location: Corby| Season: 2018|Series: Greenpower| Country: GB|

The first team and it’s prototype

In its current form, PSEM began in 2013 thanks to Siemens will to have a team representing IST at Greenpower. With that goal in mind, students ranging from Mechanical to Electrotechnical Engineering courses got together to start building on SolidEdge what would later be PSEM’s first prototype, the GP14.

Photo submitted by Francisco Oliveira

Last Season

After the 2016 season, it was decided that PSEM would move forward with the construction
of a new vehicle, the GP17. Given that ambitious goal, the team set out to make a totally
different car, with a new transmition, direction and electronical system. Having completed this task, the team went on to compete in a brand-new set of races aimed at universities and companies, the F24+. After two races, the team managed to qualify for the International Final in Rockingham. Here we had the best results of the team so far, having ended the competition in 6th place, renewing the Siemens Engineering and Design Award for the third year in a row.

Photo submitted by Francisco Oliveira

This year

With the new year, the team decided to advance with the construction of the evolution of
the GP17, surpassing the difficulties encountered in 2017 competition and building from start the GP19 whose design is already finished, and the molds for the concretization of the prototype are already being made.

Photo submitted by Francisco Oliveira

Team Spirit

Our team is divided in 4 departments such as Communication, Mechanics, Aerodynamic and Electronical. We are a group of 41 students from Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, Oceanic and Ambiental Engineering, and our goal is to reach the best result possible in every race. For this, our members must learn new and innovative techniques, that should constantly be passed on to the younger and less experienced team members. For this reason, there is a yearly recruitment day to bring new blood to the team, in which we look for interested and highly motivated students. This leads to a broad diversity in both age and study area range.

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