Reprinted from Cougar Strong Racing Press Release, May 30, 2019

Diverse Power and the Diverse Power Foundation has announced the renewal of their sponsorship of the 2020 GreenpowerUSA race in LaGrange, Georgia. The Second Annual Diverse Power Grand Prix will be held on the beautiful campus of LaGrange College on February 29, 2020. As in 2019, the race will feature a Rookie Race on Friday evening under the lights and a Pit Crew Challenge on Saturday to determine the best middle and high school pit crews.

Photo by Kevin Eckleberry, LaGrange Daily News

The 2019 race saw 32 teams from across the country compete in middle and high school divisions for The Georgia Cup. Grissom High School out of Huntsville, AL won the high school division while Long Cane Middle School from LaGrange won the middle school division. 237 students from 32 teams were in attendance. LaGrange College issued $577,500 in scholarships.

Pageant Queens visit the rece site and hand out trophies.


Diverse Power Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable corporation that manages funds collected through Diverse Power’s Operation RoundUp®.  “At Diverse Power, we understand our purpose is not only to provide you with electric power but to serve as responsible members of our community as well,” says Diverse Power President/CEO Wayne Livingston. “That’s why we support charitable purposes and education through our Operation Round Up® program. We stand together to strengthen our communities and provide a brighter future for all our members”.

The Rookie Race is held under the lights on Friday night prior to race day.

The campus of LaGrange College provides an ideal Greenpower 0.7 mile track. The college was a supportive partner in the first race, and has committed to hosting the 2020 event. The Callaway Foundation, Inc. has signed on as a five-year partial sponsor of the race, providing funding for all equipment necessary to conduct races.

The track affords five-wide racing on two stretches.

The Greenpower program is a STEM initiative that allows students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on approach to engineering and project management. Participants of the Greenpower program design, build and race student-driven electric racecars. All Troup County schools will have a Greenpower program during the 2019-2020 school year.

Lined up and ready to be pushed to the starting line.

About Cougar Strong Racing

Cougar Strong Racing is the Long Cane Middle School GreenpowerUSA racing team. The team currently has two cars, the 999 team and the 000 team. The 999 team won the 2019 National Championship in the intermediate modified division. In 2019, the 000 team finished second in the nation in the intermediate modified division. Follow CSR on Twitter @csracinggp, on Instagram @cougarstrongracing, on Facebook @cougarstrongracing and on YouTube Cougar Strong Racing. They can be reached at

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