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Goblin Pic One

The Goblin Cup went off without a hitch at Milton Frank on April 27, 2019. We appreciate all of our sponsors, especially Garver, that gave so we could put on this event. The weather was wonderful, and we had 45 teams from 3 different states and 5 different school districts participate in the race.

At this event, each team ran the drag race, three times each, the slalom race, three times each and the circuit race, three times each with three laps each time. The teams were split up into three groups to make sure that everyone had plenty of time to do each event. The events went by very quickly and we were ahead of schedule all day. Overall, it was a great learning experience for these students and they had a awesome day!

Race Results:


1st place – Columbia Elementary (Madison City)

2nd place – Hampton Cove Elementary (Huntsville City)

3rd place – Walnut Grove Elementary (Madison County)

Drag Race

1st place – Columbia Elementary

2nd place – Hampton Cove Elementary

3rd place – Weatherly Heights Elementary

Slalom Race

1st place – Monrovia Elementary

2nd place – Weatherly Heights Elementary

3rd place – Columbia Elementary , North Harlem Elementary & Rolling Hills Elementary

Circuit Race

1st place – Hampton Cove Elementary

2nd place – Walnut Grove Elementary

3rd place – Columbia Elementary


1st place – New Market Elementary

2nd place – North Harlem Elementary

3rd place – Hampton Cove Elementary

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