Contributed by Lee Bauder, NAMS Principal

Greenpower USA has been a part of Nazareth Area Middle School for the past two years and we are trying to put Nazareth racing back on the map. Nazareth racing history began in 1910 with the construction on the Nazareth Motor Speedway. It continued to grow with Nazareth’s own Mario Andretti winning the 1969 Daytona 500. Everyone was proud of their racing name and that brought the community together as a whole. The raceway closed down in 2004. Nazareth’s racing stripes were ripped away. Everyone thought Nazareth would never be the same because we lost our racing name, but we are here to bring it back. We ARE bringing racing back to Nazareth.

Not only is Nazareth Area Middle School getting involved, we are branching out to other schools and showing them what Greenpower is about. We hosted a meet & greet to educate other schools about the program and get them exposed to Greenpower. Also, we have had administrators from other schools come to our school where we showed them how Greenpower is worked into our school day. In addition, we are getting our community involved in many ways. We went to a STEAM night at one our elementary schools. Additionally, we participated in our local Halloween parade and placed second with our float. Our favorite event was when we went to a Lehigh Valley Phantoms game and spoke to people about Greenpower. The best part of Greenpower is getting the community involved. Being involved with the community is a truly exciting experience. When you are able to see people talking about a program you are a part of and you see them spreading to word about what we are doing, you can feel the pride in the community. It has really helped us come this far.

Greenpower has taught us many things. Greenpower has taught us business skills, how to make connections, and how to comfortably speak in public. These skills are important because we need to be comfortable talking to companies to get sponsorships. If we did not have these skills, companies wouldn’t have taken us seriously, and we would not have gotten sponsors. Along with important business skills, it has taught us how to work with different kinds of people in a real life work environment. We are learning how to make connections, and how to operate under pressure. In the workforce, we will need to have these skills to be successful in our endeavors and become better people. When I say this I can speak for every Greenpower participant everywhere; Greenpower has changed my life, and it will never be the same.

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