by Spoke Staff

What is green car? Green car is a activity where schools from all around
Utah, go to Utah Motorsports Campus to race against other schools. You build a
race car called a green car. The reason it is called this is because it uses a
battery instead of gas, this saves the environment. The key things you need to
know in green car is, teamwork, building skills, and good sportsmanship. These
are the main details that you need to know because if you don’t know these
things, you won’t do very well. There are even more things to green car, keep
reading to find out more!
My name is Brooklin Hansen, and I have done green car for three years
now. I am twelve years old, and we have a teams of 10-12 year olds. Green Car is
something that we do after school at Edith Bowen. We have two types of cars, a
goblin car and then just a regular green car. This year we will be using both cars.
We have one team of 10-11 year olds who will be driving the goblin cars. The other
has 11-12 year olds who will be driving the regular cars. We range from 5th graders
to 6th graders.
Some of us are new, and others have done it for a long time. One thing we
all have in common though, is that we can work together. Something that our
school mentions again and again, is that if we work together we can be more
successful. They teach us that we need to learn to work together, and know how
to do it. Teamwork key is in green car. The more people the better, because there
are many jobs in green car. There are leaders (1-2), catchers (2), pushers (2),
mechanics (1-2), and drivers (1-3). If we didn’t have any of these people, we wouldn’t
even try to go race. We make plans and we work together to stop the car, and get
the car going.
Another thing we do in green car, is actually build the car. It teaches us
mechanics, which will later help us in life. In class, we have a special class where
you get to design the green cars shield. You go on a website called
tinkercad.com. Here you put together shapes and you can create anything that
you want to. So this class put together a model of a green car to see what design
they want to use on the green car. They decide which material they want to use
for the green car’s shield. We also learn which parts are which. Like for example,
the battery. We learn why it is important, and how it works. We also learn how to
reassemble the car, so that if anything bad happens we know what to do!
Good sportsmanship is one thing we have to learn, in order to be
successful. Some teams are really competitive, and will do anything to win. Some
people will push you around in the cars because they go faster. Most people are
actually really nice! They wish us good luck, ask us questions about how the car is
built, and more! We try our best to be kind to everyone around us. We sometimes

even help out other teams when their car is broken. We think it is best to be kind
and help others than go and hurt them.
In green car we learn many new things. We learn about mechanics, working
together, and to have good sportsmanship. We may not realize it now, but these things will help us when we get older. Green car is one of the most fun things to
do, and it has benefits! You get to hang out with your friends, race green cars,
and have fun doing it!

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