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Boeing 90s at Buckhorn HS Race Report

by Katie Tanner

March 30, 2019 at Buckhorn High School in Madison County, Alabama

The most exciting days of a Greenpower season are most definitely race days, including the Boeing 90s at Buckhorn High School this past Saturday. Though the day was long, and pouring rain by that night, everyone’s excitement kept any boredom far away. However, the wind also kept everyone’s tents away as well, with several flying away in the pits. No matter what, everyone was “blown away” by the race!

There were, in total, five heats: three middle school and two high school. Due to numbers of middle school teams, their races were set up into two semifinals, with the top sixteen teams moving on to the final later in the evening. Combined, this was 7 ½ hours of racing, with 30-60 minute breaks in between. However, the increased number of heats allowed teams multiple chances to race or improve their score. For example, in the first middle school heat, Discovery Middle School (car #305) placed seventh, but ended up coming in fourth in the middle school finals.

In the first high school heat, Bob Jones Red Team #5 took first, with Bob Jones Blue Team #1 and the Racing Bulldogs #601 taking second and third, respectively. In the second heat, Bob Jones Red Team again took first, with Grissom Car 2, “Shadow” car #314 and the Racing Bulldogs taking second and third. However, the overall scoring and placement of teams is heavily affected by presentation and other scoring bonuses. Overall, MC Tigers Racing #79 took first in the F24 Advanced Kit division. The Harlem High School “Racing Bulldogs” took first in F24 Advanced Kit modified, followed by Bob Jones Blue team and Grissom Car 2 “Shadow”. In the F24 Advanced Custom division, Bob Jones Red Team took first, with Grissom Car 1, “Genesis” #13 taking second. Bob Jones Red team placed first in presentation with a 100.

In the first middle school semifinal, the Cougar Strong #000 team came in first, followed by Cougar Strong #999 and Meridianville Middle School #14. In the second semifinal, Liberty Middle School #8 placed first, followed by Discovery Middle School #304 and the Challenger Eagles #89. However, the combined top sixteen teams advanced to the finals, in which Cougar Strong #000 took first, Cougar Strong #999 took second, and Liberty Middle School #8 took third. Overall, the Turbo Dolphins #450 took first in F24 Intermediate Kit, followed the Soddy Daisy Racing Team #60. In the kit modified division, Cougar Strong #000 placed first, followed by Cougar Strong #999 and Discovery Middle School #305. Cougar Strong #000 placed first in presentation with a 100.

Throughout both races there was friendly competition on the track, but afterwards many teams could be seen posing for pictures together or just hanging out. It is clear to see that over the past few years, the Greenpower community has strengthened in north Alabama, and that local teams have begun creating relationships with teams sometimes multiple states away. All this was helped by the relative ease of the track and nice weather. Many of the drivers among all the teams present commented the sharp turns were exciting and fun, and with the triple chicane next to the pit being a close second. Many non-driver team members agreed that the unique presentation rubric was also a fun challenge, as it was different from the videos required by races earlier in the season.  It’s safe to say that the Boeing 90s were a huge success, and that all the teams will be patiently waiting to return next spring!


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